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and cute too!

Happen Winnie

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pooh bear quotes you are unique | inspirational- winnie-the-pooh-quote-as-soon-as-i-saw-you-i-knew-an ...


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love this <3

Douglas Adams

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Douglas, this speaks the truth and I can't imagine my life being anything different then what it is.

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Tin Roof

My sister and I grew up at our trailer in the summer from June to August and we would sleep in the "Florida Room" with the, what sounded like a tin roof and we would fall asleep to that sound. Growing up I use to think it was the best sound in the world. Still is.



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Love gives us a Fairy Tale...

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so true!!!!

7 on a Shoestring I Dallas Mom Bloggerfrom 7 on a Shoestring I Dallas Mom Blogger

Pooh's Reflections on Love

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I always thought this about my daughter Alicia when she was a little girl...still that way actually!

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the right people

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"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever" -Winnie the Pooh #Pooh #WinnieThePooh #quotes #WinnieThePoohquotes #poohbear #lovequotes #wisewords #love

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Someone will always be prettier, smarter & younger...but they will NEVER be you!!!





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When I read this, I thought of my life long lover and best friend of going on FOURTEEN years, Danielle Nicole :)


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Thankful for God's ability to heal our emotional hurts too.

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I love people who make me laugh...

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I love the different meanings this quote takes! How would it feel if those words were spoken about you? Words hurt, and you can't always take them back. Especially all of the lies... Speak the truth!

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Dr. Who


My Life

The Lord, my husband and all of my wonderful friends and family! Lots of reasons to look forward to tomorrow! :-)

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"Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything." *Love this. It's so true. #quote #hug #love #happy #life