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  • Poy Lertsethtakarn

    Walking the dog..imagine me n' my son

  • Tony Cornish

    Walking the dog. This avenue of poplar trees can be found along the lane that leads to Umberslade childrens farm Tanworth England. It used to be part of the main drive leading up to Umberslade Hall. The lane undulates and has a stone railway bridge the crosses the road near the half way point. The best photgraphs are wgen the sun rises or sets along the length of the road and best of all is when its misty in the winter. That is Sally with her dog Sidney who walk there first thing of a morning. I have several pictures of those two but I think this is the best.

  • Josie Brown

    The perfect walk in the woods. (Yes, wish I were there....)

  • Limeaide724♥TM♥

    I'd like to get lost in a beautiful place like this♥

  • Cindy Kubly

    Early Morning

  • Deanna Bowman

    dream like....

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