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    ✮ Beautiful Calico Sphinx.

    Sphinx kitty plays in her bath! Ok, so I don't usually think sphinx cats are that cute...but this one is just adorable. :)

    Baby sphinx.

    Lovely sphinx calico



    sphynx cat...can you dig it?

    Looks like Moo, without the spots!

    a sphynx and a calico mixed !!!

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    Sphynx. I want a hairless kitty, they are pretty cute in their own way! Plus no hair getting all over!

    WOW.. Not a Sphynx cat I bred but I LOVE the PHOTO! Re-pinned, here is the original text: white Sphynx by Petrina Hicks. I'm not usually a fan of any pet being hairless and cute, but this one, I would own...

    Ukrainian Levkoy

    They're like Corgi Cats!!! Munchkin Cats. I want one!! I need one of these!!

    Ok to be honest! If all cats looked like this I might not hate them so much. I mean how can you not want a cat that looks like a panda.

    sphinx cats usually freak me out, but this one is wearing a little hooded shirt made out of a tube sock, so its okay.

    Fleur de lis

    Sphynx cat.

    sphynx kittens!!! Oh my gosh, I need one

    Green eyes are the best!! Some one get me this naked lil kitty.