✮ Beautiful Calico Sphinx.

Lovely sphinx calico

white sphynx by Petrina Hicks.

a sphynx and a calico mixed !!!

what a beauty...

Looks like Moo, without the spots!

oh my goodness! Sphinx Cats in sweaters.

Green eyes are the best!! Some one get me this naked lil kitty.

Ok to be honest! If all cats looked like this I might not hate them so much. I mean how can you not want a cat that looks like a panda.

Baby sphinx.



Calico Main coon ... look at that tail!!

....uh...I don't even have words. I cannot stop staring....and laughing...but mostly, I am so confused.


Calico Kitten! That is one cute cat!!!

#cat ☆ Cat art sphinx☆

Calico Cat by viva-la-cheese.deviantart.com on @deviantART



violet eyes