How to properly paint nails...I love painting my nails but i need to work on my technique

27 Nail Tricks to swear by! DO IT!

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how to fix a broken finger nail

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How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly: submerge wet nails in cold water for 3 minutes. The polish will dry completely, and it gets rid of any that got onto your skin! This is life-changing!!

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Step I: Pick your fav shade of eye shadow or the eye shadow that you would like to recycle. Mix two different colors to try out something fun! Be spontaneous. Step II: Make a funnel with the help of the paper and put the loose eye shadow in it! Step III: Pour the eye shadow with the help of the funnel like they do it in the picture. The more eye shadow you add, the more opaque your nail color’s going to be like! Step IV: Stir the eye shadow and the clear nail polish with the help of a too...

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Dab some powder pigment (like eye shadow) above the cuticle before the polish dries and blow the color onto the nail. Apply a top coat and admire!

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1. Put on nail polish and let dry. 2. Dip fingernail in alcohol-basically any will do, vodka is suggested. 3. Press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcohol soaked nail. 4. Pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself. 5. Paint top coat if desired. Moo wants me to do this for her! clearly she is under the delusion that i have some talent with the nail polish LOL me? i consider it a success if i don't get polish all the way down to the knuckles l...

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How to remove acrylic or gel nails from home using only dental floss! This actually works!

nail polish remover tips - sounds so easy, I can't wait to try this!