How to properly paint nails...I love painting my nails but i need to work on my technique

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Dab some powder pigment (like eye shadow) above the cuticle before the polish dries and blow the color onto the nail. Apply a top coat and admire!

27 Nail Tricks to swear by! DO IT!

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Cute nails for v day

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DIY Gel Nails, using Gelous (from Sally Beauty). 1. Apply one coat GELOUS onto clean, smooth, dry nails. Let it set for a few minutes. 2. Apply another coat GELOUS. Let set. 3. Apply one coat nail polish. Let it dry. 4. Apply another coat GELOUS. Let it set for a couple minutes. 5. Apply another coat nail polish. Let it dry. 6. Apply one layer clear top coat. Let dry. DONE.

"gel" manicure. Lasts as well as a shellac manicure and can use any nail polish color you want. Will be trying this.

AMAZING way to take off polish... Honestly changed my polish routine forever.

Book page nail design with tutorial. Cute!

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Rub Vaseline on the skin around your nails before polishing. Mistakes can be wiped off when your nails are dry.


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I need this polish!!