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Life tip.

Quote "The trick is not to let people know how really weird you are until it's too late for them to back out" this is so true

I swear people ask me this while I'm on the middle of sending a patient out as if I have time to even look at you, or even answer you...

A REAL funny Mother's Day list - and each thing is FREE!

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please. lol all the time

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Happens all the time!

Story of my life!!! I literally thought I was the only one who did this... so happy to be proven wrong.

I hate this!!! It's such a pet peeve of mine. I know someone that could just send you ONE text, but instead, sends all of it in sometimes 4 separate texts. And if you take too long to respond (a minute or so...) then she will call you!!!! GRR.... *brain explodes*