Licking Window

I'm glad we are indoor cats!

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A good book and good company, in combination with a nice mug of cocoa can brighten up even the gloomiest day.


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walking in the rain with your kitty ♥

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oh my god

He looks like he is having a rainy somewhat gloomy day as well! It does get better...Smile Kitty Smile!! LOL--MMG

Ready for a Rainy Day: the latest in rain fashion for the stylish cat....poor tabby.

watching the rain

☁☔ Ï Łṏⱴẻ Ǟ Ŕǎìȵẙ Ďǎẙ ֆ Ǟ Ŕǎìȵẙ ♑ìĝђƭ ☁☔ ~ Kitty playing in the rain

On days like this I am really glad I have a litter box!

rainy day - why is it cats love to watch raindrops rolling down the window. Mine tries to catch them <3

HA! Love 80s-era Boy George...add Grumpy Cat to the mix, and you have the perfect end to this rainy day.

Today I take the umbrellla with me in case of rain.

Aww... this is a cute idea. I should print out a bunch of these with unicorns or rainbows on them and pass them out whenever students look like they're feeling sad.

"I like rain but not wanna be wet." A practical cat under an umbrella.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 22 Pics

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