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"Frisk Your Houseplants" ... Many plants, including aloe, ivies, and amaryllis, can be toxic to dogs and cats. For a complete list, check with the ASPCA, If you are a plant-lover, set your greenery on sturdy bases so a hearty dog-cat chase won't knock them over.

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Common House Plants that are Toxic to Pets — ASPCA

Common house plants that are toxic to pets. • Aloe Vera • Asian Lily • Asparagus Fern • Begonia • Baby's Breath • Calla Lily • Corn Plant • Cycads (Sago Palm, Fern Palm • Geranium • Jade Plant • Pencil Cactus • Ribbon Plant (Corn Plant, Cornstalk Plant, Dracaena, Dragon Tree) • Tulip For a full listing of toxic plants for pets, please see ASPCA's searchable database.

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20 Super-Easy Houseplants You'll Love

Super-Easy Houseplants: Aloe, Anthurium, Asparagus Fern, Peace Lily, Peperomia, Snake Plant, Cast-Iron Plant, Christmas Cactus, Dieffenbachia, Chinese Evergreen, Dracaena, English Ivy, Ficus, Hoya, Parlor Palm, Philodendron, Spider Plant, Tradescantia, Plectranthus, Arrowhead Vine

Cat Garden Guide: 15 Feline-Safe Plants Cats Love - why they like them and grow guides for each.

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Our Havanese

Havanese Puppy!

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Community Post: 25 Brilliant Lifehacks That Every Dog Owner Should Know

Know doggy CPR. | Community Post: 25 Brilliant Lifehacks That Every Dog Owner Should Know. Comes in Handy. Trust me.

Keep your cat friends safe during the holidays with this infographic. Learn more here:

Best friends: Dog & Cat.

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Doggie Language

Doggie Body Language

Recognizing the signs of a stressed dog. Learn more about what behaviors indicate your dog might be anxious: