Wendy Ward Charm School

Wendy Ward Charm School.

Oh man....do these ever bring back memories!

I learned to type on an IBM Selectric Do they still teach typing in school?

Yup! I remember doing this!

1960s hair , The Flip

Frosted white lipstick; Jean Shrimpton for Yardley of London; about 1967 ~

Loved four square

A selection of wonderfully cute back-to-school dresses from 1960. <3 I remember the plaid book satchels!

Hop Scotch...

Do you remember these in school?

tether ball at recess

We got those lickable stars on our elementary school papers!! I can still remember the taste of them.

I read Dick in school...

Dark Shadows, Maggie Evans got her man - finally (or for a second time).

Montgomery Ward's 1961 Classic Brentshire shirtwaist, the popular style everyone loves to wear. In silk, Dacron polyester and cotton ot pima cotton. Monogram design decorates bodice front. Nore smart convertible collar, roll-up sleeves. Buttons close on front tab to below the waist. Silk $17.98 Dacron cotton $12.98 Pima Cotton $9.98


60's PE uniform

G.E. Steam Iron - 1960's. We did a lot of ironing in those days!!

Lockers and combo locks.