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Eurasian Magpie

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Magpie tail feathers

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short-tailed green magpie

Beautiful Birds Butterfly

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taiwan blue magpie couple - taipei city, taiwan

Crow Raven Blackbird

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crow rear view - notice the tail feathers are straight across and don't come to a point like the tail feathers of a Raven.

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A close look at a Blue Jay's glorious feathers by jungle mama, via Flickr

Magpie Taipei

Magpie Taiwan

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Taiwan Blue Magpie, taken at Yangmingshan, Taipei City, TAIWAN

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feathers come green

Vleermuizen Raven Crow Bat

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Corvid | Crow | Raven | La Corneille | Il Corvo | 烏 | El Cuervo | ворона | 乌鸦 |

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Blus is a colour of peace and calm. Use it for a little respite during the day.

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Macaw feathers. #parrot #bird #green

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Spreeuw / Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) by Serge Sanramat #Bird #Starling

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Magpie in flight - showing its black feathers are actually iridescent.

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Taiwan Blue Magpie

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Steller's jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) Also known as the long-crested jay, mountain jay, and pine jay

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That Is So Raven Crow Poe 2

Raven Bird

Raven by Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

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Umber Bird


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green magpie

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Blue Jay

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Beautiful Pink Spoonbill:):)...belindag: Pin by Lisa Martella Boullosa on Beautiful Birds on We Heart It.