Who's with me?

Comic by Natalie Dee: SW goodbye summer fun week

I know a few of these people. Must now bring brick to all classes

Natalie Dee



During School: "What day is it?" "Friday, November 7th 2012 11:40 am." During Summer: "What day is it?" "Probably June." I know this is a relatable post and not a teenager post but heck this is me in the summer!!

nailed it.

someecards.com - The only thing I hate more than people with summer houses are people who don't invite me to their summer houses.

Yes please!

Pretty much.


i know a few of these..

That's right!

Who drank all the wine?! Oh thats right, it was me, I did.

LOL! I wish I could show this to random people I meet who have something negative to say about how close in age my kids are.

Funny Happy Birthday Best Friend Ecard #advocareresults #advocare24daychallenge


So true!

good point.