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Autumn day...

Autumn Leaves Coloring Page

Autumn colors

"Fabulous Fall" it says, and indeed fall is fabulous... This picture is very nice too, it looks to be done in chalk, but it might just be the way smooth pastels blend, hard to tell - still I really enjoy the swirls, the pumpkin, and the addition of the golden butterfly.


Autumn bird


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Autumn leaves

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Craft Punched Leaves to create art for autumn

Mòbil de tardor plastificant diverses fulles / Autumn Leaf Sun-Catcher

An autumn leaf wish-spell...

Autumn Art: Use beautiful fall leaves as canvases for doodle designs. Press colorful finds inside a heavy book for about 10 days, then draw on them with metallic paint markers. To add a bit more strength and shine, seal the finished leaves with Mod Podge.

Autumn ~

DIY: Folded Paper Fall Leaves