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185.00 EUR Статуэтка " Адольф Гитлер"



electrical shock

Massive 14k Gold Erotic Erectable Phallus Articulated Penis Charm Pendant | eBay

British artist James Ostrer covered himself and some intrepid models with thick layers of candy, frosting, and other junk food in a rather unsettling portrait series. The photos are on display in his exhibition “Wotsit all about” at the Gazelli Art House in London through September 11th, 2014.

✖ Les coquins | Marion Fayolle | GRANDPAPIER






Joao Lauro Fonte


Белый букварь (35 фото)

Pumpkin Headed Vegetable Man Candy Container.

Vintage German Halloween Articulated Candy Container Inch Worm


Title plate # LIII, [ithyphallic hunchback] Medium woodblock Book François Rabelais. Les Songes Drolatiques de Pantagruel. Paris : Edwin Tross, 1869. Notes This medieval-garbed hunchback with deformed features, holding a fork to the tip of a gargantuan phallus, is presumed to depict either Pantagruel or King François Ier. Theme The Grotesque

sometimes a banana is just a banana

marginal surgical drawingsJohn Arderne, Treatise on Surgery, England ca. 1532. British Library, Sloane 776, fols. 41v, 71v, 203v

Priapus-Hermes (Mercury), phallic fertility god, with caduceus | Roman fresco Pompeii

25 Incredibly Awkward Easter Photos & 25 reasons why my future children may never meet the Easter bunny!