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love this

What you think and what you say. Found this under social anxiety. find it really interesting that this looks just like how I used to draw in class in high school. Thought it was my own drawing for a split second.

Myths about Introverts (Yesterday, I had to explain to a coworker that Introverts are not necessarily *shy*)

Okay I'm going a little Introvert Pin crazy right now but this is probably the best honest definition of Introverts.

This is Me 2 A 'T'

There are some people in my life that need to understand what being an introvert really is.

If Your Friends Ever Say They Have ADHD, Just Show Them This.

If Your Friends Ever Say They Have ADHD, Just Show Them This.

I swear the more I read The more I feel like an introvert. Not all these apply to me but a big majority of them do. Honestly im a bit of both! 30 Problems Only Introverts Understand

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Letter to his 11yr old Daughter [1933] (via scriptamanent)

F Scott Fitzgerald, letter to his 11 year old daughter, 1933 "Don’t worry about popular opinion…Don’t worry about the past. Don’t worry about the future.…Don’t worry about anybody getting ahead of you.


Man is this true! Sorry but there are to sides to the Dilemma. Be a Lady and you'll get a gentleman. Be a gentleman and you will get a lady. Class and chivalry are still as ttractive as is modesty and being lady like.

I am somewhere near the middle on the introverted/extroverted scale, leaning towards introverted. please note: I, like many other introverts, love people; I just also love my alone time. | A Guide To Understanding The Introverted. | Follow the link, too!

Funny pictures about How to interact with the introverted. Oh, and cool pics about How to interact with the introverted. Also, How to interact with the introverted.

like today... hence the numerous pins of this nature ;P

Sometimes I have days like this in my head. This is how I feel most days with Ménière's Disease.

lives of a cell Art Print

lives of a cell - archival print using old book pages. Add to paper stash. Fab idea for old books or mags