Really thought this was metal. Would not have known it was from toilet paper rolls

Clever Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Suzy's Artsy Crafty Sitcom shows you how to make some faux metal wall art using empty toilet paper rolls!The things you can do will toilet paper rolls, hey?

Faux Wrought Iron Wall Art From Toilet Paper Rolls (DIY)

A couple years back I came across this post on making wrought iron like wall art out of the cardboard tubes inside toilet paper and paper.

40 things you can create from toilet paper tubes. Pretty cool!

40 things you can create from toilet paper tubes

Have some extra toilet paper rolls? Recycle toilet paper rolls into wall art. All you need for this project: recycled toilet or paper towel rolls, scissors, glue, a canvas, paint and a little imagination.

recycled toilet paper roll wall art

diy project using toilet paper rolls & glue. I have been saving toilet paper rolls for this!

Fantastic, cheap idea for decorating the girls room. Cut toilet paper or paper towel rolls into strips and paint them :).I DON'T KNOW what' up with toilet paper roll art.but there are some clever ideas out there!

My work with toilet paper rolls. Mi trabajo con rollos de papel higiénico.

Toilet paper rolls~ << We could do something like this, but with a bigger pattern for an interesting window

Christmas decor

Whiff of Joy - Tutorials Inspiration: Recycled snowflake decoration. This is a clever way to create rosette-type bases for a hanging decoration -- using recycled material!

flowers made with toilet paper rolls

I usually hate art made of TP rolls, reminiscent of those horrible elementary craft lessons but I'm liking these flowers toilet paper rolls

Faux Wrought Iron Wall Art Made out of toliet paper rolls

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

A faux metal piece made of recycled toilet paper rolls . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a paper roll model in under 120 minutes by papercrafting with scissors, paper, and glue.

Love this image - a great way to use all that TP roll art!

Love this image - a great way to use all that TP roll art! *Change color to match bathroom decore