A desktop jellyfish tank? I must say there's omething very cool about this concept. I dig fish and those super huge jellyfish tanks fascinate me - however they're usually owned by douche Wallstreeters. So maybe a desktop version will do.

The cat candle with a skeleton!

Beautiful fish tanks~would love to have this.

Glowing nightlight with removable glow balls for trips to the bathroom. This is awesome!

Rocking Chair for two - love it.

LED clock would be awesome in a Boys #dorm!

I really really want a jellyfish aquarium!

Jellyfish chandelier

Ho sempre desiderato un acquario come questo. Mi piace quello si tratta di un orologio anche

Fish Bowl Aquarium Clear Glass Vase Air Plant – shop.PartySpin.com

Jellyfish Aquarium

jellyfish tank!!! although my vegan conscience won't ever let me get this :(

This may be the coolest fish design I've seen...It's deep...

Bubble Tank by Psalt Design / Next time you look at an aquarium like the Bubble Tank by Psalt Design, you’re guaranteed to stare more at the tank than the fish inside. http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/bubble-tank-psalt-design/

Hanging aquariums only 5K. Check it out at http://www.wanelo.com/home-and-office/Wall+Hanging+Fish+Tank+-+OpulentItems.com-51371.html

I DO need this! $23 is not bad at all and they would look SICK in my pool.

The Tabletop Saltwater Aquarium $120 This 3 gal tank has a neat feature to where you don't even have to remove the fish or water to clean the dome....MAYBE???

fish tank coffee table. i'm in love.

The Moody Aquarium Washbasin: definitely the perfect thing to go along with that Aquariass aquarium toilet we just ordered (plus they've even tested it to make sure that the fish won't die if you fill the sink with hot water). Only $4,900. ONLY??!!!? I can so afford this...NEVER! It is still cool though!

Wall Mount Hanging Beta Fish Bubble Aquarium Bowl Tank (892462000595) Wall Hanging Fish Bowl Measures 10.5" inches in diameter Holds approximately 1 gallon of water