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alphabet spoons... upper case on white spoon, lower case on clear; match them

Capital letter on white spoon - Lower case letter on clear spoon - match them up. You could put the lower case letter on the back of the white spoon to help out the younger kids, then take it off later in the school year.

8 magnetic alphabet games to build literacy skills perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Magnetic Alphabet Games

'Letter Identification Blackout' - roll one dice at a time (one dice with capital letters, the other lower-case)  counters (or bottle tops) to blackout the matching letter.

Preschool Co-op Week 9 - Friendship Theme

Letter Identification Game, "Blackout" or playing it out like bingo when saying a letter (capitalized or not) and student puts a button or a penny on top of the corresponding spot on the chart

beginning of the year name project - Google Search

For special friends-- Create each child's name on computer, put inside a sheet protector.when making their name-----make first letter green.green means go. Last letter red. Red means stop. Provide lots of capital and lowercase letters to manipulate.

Huge list of active ways to teach kids letter sounds.

Learn Letter Sounds with ACTION

Promote Early Literacy with ACTION! Roundup of activities you can use to help your child learn a critical pre-reading skill: letter sounds by Susan Case .

9 Skills to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten | Bonnie Donahue

9 Skills to GET YOUR CHILD READY FOR KINDERGARTEN: Whether your child is two years old or five, these skills are vital to his/her success in school. Build a strong foundation at home before your child starts school.