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So true


It's drowning with style... Considering how many times I have choked while doing this stroke... This is true!

But it's true

Ahaha yess!



Little Swimmer Things

pretty much

It's SO true!

I do way more math at swim than in math class

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...I have no words to explain the sadness when there is a thunderstorm out side

or better yet, is there a wall at all?

Yep haha


I've had to stop in the middle of the lane because of laughter before

missy franklin and backstroke push-off

.the first two are the only ones to read

Yeah. . . I can't run a mile without being in major pain . . . I can't even run a mile, my calf's won't stretch, they just get tighter and tighter until I can't walk . . . I have to sit for ten minutes for them to loosen back up.