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  • Manasak Thanadeechukiat

    How to Speak Your Mind - "Become Assertive and Set Limits" - How to Speak Your Mind - "Become Assertive and Set Limits" Do you say what you think, express how you feel, and ask for what you want? The way you speak immediately conveys your self-esteem. Nonassertive communication limits your professional success and leads to conflict and problems in relationships. Learning to be assert

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Tell your story to those who care, not those who do not. #cptsd #pstd #trauma

Everything changes when you start to emit your own vibe rather than absorbing the negative energy around you.

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"some books are meant / to be read just like this / alone, with the evening, / a bowl of fruit ripening / waiting for the reader / to grow hungry, but / she won't, the book / will devour her, / and it / will soon / become / morning."

Phone Booth Library. Nagymaros, Hungary

"I send you the book with pleasure, for it has given me happiness, and I love to have it busy, imparting delight to others." - Emily Dickinson

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