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I have the US and Bloomsbury editions, wouldn't mind adding a few more to my collection though lol

  • Coco C

    Yes, yes they are

  • Always Right

    Well, of course. Read the books & the shirt makes sense. :) As well as SO much more. Movies never do the books justice. So many people just have no idea who Winky is! Or truly understand most everything that happened in book 4 for that matter.

  • Coco C

    I know right!!! I'm retreading book four right now to refresh my memory and I'm like "those movie lovers have no idea what theyre missing.

  • Vicki Evans

    He grew bigger and the Plaid grew smaller. :-)

  • Julia Mersch

    After all this time? Always. ♥

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The cast of Harry Potter discussing their favorite lines :) Oh Fred.... or was that George... If you don't remember that line its when he walks in on Harry and Ginny kissing in the seventh, part one :)

  • ThoseGoldenEyes

    I thought it was a toothbrush in his ear.

  • Madeline Grace Lovegood

    Yeah I think it was a toothbrush

  • Jolene (Jellybean)

    Didn't George say both lines? Molly:Alright Fred you next Fred: I'm not Fred he is George: Honestly woman you call yourself our mother Molly: Sorry George Fred: I'm only joking, I am Fred

  • Katie-carles

    I watched this on YouTube it was really funny you guys should check it out.

  • Jolene (Jellybean)

    Wait... scratch my last comment, i realized George did say that line. My bad.

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Harry Potter themed pumpkins! Who wants to come over and have a carving/movie marathon? :)

For these fall pumpkins, just use ModPodge to découpage a white gourd with pressed leaves. You can harvest the foliage from your own backyard.

Interesting take....

"He had one, brief glimpse of the stone Pensieve on the desk where he had left it, and then an earsplitting noise made him cry out, thinking of curses and returning Death Eaters and the rebirth of Voldemort -- But it was applause. All around the walls, the headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts were giving him a standing ovation . . ."

"This is an ode to those who died, I couldn't remeber them all so I had to look online" ~ Lena Gabrielle

The Boy Who Lived by ~antithesismethod on deviantART

A summary of Harry Potter.....except Ron was always scared and didn't want to do the thing....and hermione is always worried about getting expelled.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets | New Edition