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Which "Friends" Character Are You?...I got Charlie (Charlie...You’re brilliant, classy, and you’re in a cool field of work, but your taste in lovers is all over the place). Hmmm

Which "Friends" Character Should Be Your Roommate. I got Monica lol "You’re extremely organized and enough of a foodie to be able to whip up some tasty treats. You’re the ideal host just like Monica. You guys will complement each other when you throw parties and there will be no fights when it comes to cleaning up after."

Which “Friends” Character Is Your Soulmate? He’s your lobster! Annoying quirks aside, Ross is a man who knows what he wants and always goes after it. You share a desire for stability, success, and true love. What’s more important in life than that? He, too, is a neat guy!

14. You don’t even have to try to embarrass your friends. | 16 Reasons You Are Every Friends Character Ever

61 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Friends" All of the six main characters have kissed each other at one point (if you include alternative “what if?” episodes), except Monica and Pheobe.

Mandy, we can be the characters from friends dressed up as Cat woman & Supergirl- and totally quote this- for Halloween! :D

Remember when you wished your friends were this cool? | 28 Pieces Of Unsettling 90s Sitcom Fan Art

Friends TV Show Infographic Poster iPosters From £5.99. Definitely just said all these lines the way the characters do

Quiz: Are You A Good Best Friend? I got the best of besties!! The last pin was someone else's comment. I was too lazy to change it☺️