So pretty! What kind of flower is this? Anyone?

Fuschia Flower

Gorgeous flower.


Very pretty


Big idea #2 says that biological systems use free energy/ cellular building blocks to grow, reproduce, and maintain dynamic homeostasis. Flowers/ plants use photosynthesis to grow/ develop/ survive. Living things grow with the reproduction of cells, and energy is needed to do this.

Wizard of Oz Dahlia | Soft pink, pompom-shaped flowers appear in profusion above lush green foliage from midsummer to the onset of the frosty weather, look exceptionall pretty in a vase |


Peonies- love...

magnolia, beautiful

Dinner plate Dahlia-Wow! Gorgeous.

Roses, Hydrangea, And Dahlia

'Tahoma Angie' Dahlia

pink pompom dahlias

Rocky Mountain Columbine. Well hello

pretty flower

Pink Gerber

Hot Rod Dahlia #Dahlia


Pelargonium 'Lawrenceanum'