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Lacing. The student laces a series of eyebolts following a designated path that ends at the red finished opening—encourages the development of fine motor skills and a coordinated effort between two hands.

fine motor - lacing ribbon through eyebolts. perhaps use ribbon loops and a ribbon for lacing in a quiet book

DIY loop board

DIY Loop Board to encourage fine motor and coordination skills - pinned by – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Très bonne idée !

Preschool Letter H

Draw a letter on a pin board and have children push the pins in correct order to form the letters. (Could write numbers and even draw arrows to show letter formation sequence.) Great for fine motor skill development and letter formation and recognition

Art Anyone who has a young child or is a teacher for young children, this ladys blog is BRILLIANT with fun learning ideas. crafts

Little Hands, Big Work: fine motor skills - spoon marbles into foam mattress pad! or egg carton, or other material.

ABC Does: The next post in his series, 'Dough Gym Week - Fine Motor Physical Development' (",)

Confetti on a table cloth or felt piece. ABC Does: The next post in his series, 'Dough Gym Week - Fine Motor Physical Development' (",)

straw maze repined by RecyclingOT.com:

OT IDEA This fast easy marble maze will keep yourself, your friends, or your kids.

Ever wonder how to help your kids with their pencil grasp development? Why not use a few games for pencil grasp development to help?

Fine Motor Tools and Games for Pencil Grasp Development

Área vida práctica

Some Handy Hardware Work Tasks and Fall Sale

locks and keys

DIY locks and keys for Montessori Practical Life. I only have on but I love this activity of finding the key.