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  • Carla B

    Precious black cat with twilight

  • Cassie Nix


  • Allison C.

    I'm not sure what to pin this under, Amazing Art or Animal Faceoff...either way, who doesn't need a sparkly cat?!

  • lynette charniak

    Celestial Cat - The Tabby & The Hercules Globular Cluster M13. Boya Latumahina, working as Zippora Lux. Cat photo plus Hubble telescope photo. Info: Four images in series. Best link for full titles:

  • Jennifer S

    Star stuff.

  • Tache Crafts

    Glitter Kitty by Zippora Lux - Glitter Cat

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2 kittens white & tabby. •••••(KO) Looks like the striped kitty just realized he doesn't know where he is and is about to panic. Mama cat will be nearby and hear his cry. She will carry both their fuzzy butts home and bathe and feed them. All better!

Awe. The little one on the bottom looks like "what did i get myself into?!"

It scares me how much I love cats... because I really wouldn't mind becoming the old cat lady. Which I think confirms that I will.

I need her. And she must stay like this forever. Fat baby belly.

kitten in a window (box)

Whats Christmas to kittens with out wrecking the tree?