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    "Baby Platypus" [Baby Platypus are amazing and somewhat bizarre looking animals. They are classified as mammals - they have a duck bill & a beaver's tail, lay eggs, are otter-footed & are one of the only venomous mammals. Also are semi-aquatic mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania.]~[Photo taken by Faye Bedford & supplied by Dr T. Grant.]~[Source: LandLearn NSW - July 31 2009]

    Otter cuddle :)


    baby llama...I want one!!!

    Baby hippo

    Baby owl

    baby platypus

    How do I get this job?

    Baby manatee is the only cute sea creature.

    Baby Giraffe No. 5 by Sharon Montrose

    all baby animals are cute in their own right


    Baby chipmunk mouse

    baby giraffe = SO precious


    otter ball


    little goat

    I'll take a Dr. Pepper sized puppy please

    Baby Fox