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    Tricks! Not exactly crafts but didnt know where else to put it... Its a project nonetheless!

    "Dogs Of The World" Grouped By Their Geographic Origins I have an Asian dog and a German dog

    Supernatural Infographic: The Many Deaths of Sam and Dean - Today's News: Our Take | I don't think they took mystery spot into account here haha

    I feel like "Lie to each other" should be bigger...

    History of Graffiti & Street Art Diagram

    Love a flow chart

    13 Graphs Only "Sherlock" Fans Will Understand. buzzfeed. sherlock. oh sherlock its the best christmas ever


    This is true.

    The Fault In Our Stars


    NOBODY tosses a dwarf.....

    Might help to articulate unknown emotions

    So true!

    Haha British men

    Welcome to the Internet. Please let me guide you -

    This is why I love Sherlock

    Group Projects


    Three things everyone (every fangirl) wants to hear.



    There needs to be more red on this pie chart. come on people. read!

    Time Travel in Movies flowchart

    {prrrrrrrrrrrrrety much