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    • Stephanie Zoolander

      From the Titanic, Why couldn't Jack and Rose Figure this out?? It's sad, but even when I was watching the movie the first time I thought, "AH!There are Tons of ways they Both could fit on that thing!".

    • Krisi Chartier

      Seriously Rose...?? I love the one that shows them able to play cards!!!! Haha! And this would be why this movie annoys me!

    • Stefanie Katouzian

      Titanic - nice one, Rose. you jerk. -- as funny as I find this I realized that (for those of you who have actually SEEN the movie more then once) it wasn't that he couldn't fit on the door, it was their combined weight made it sink. when he tried to get on it it sank into the water. So :P

    • Emma Newbury

      How Titanic really ended: Rose: I'll never let go Jack! I'll never let go! Jack: Well, can you move over? That board is big enough for us both Rose:...Excuse me? How rude- I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME. Rich Bitch.

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