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    Petroglyph In Paka Vaka Rock Art Site, Easter Island, Chile Symbols have been found on a number of stones on Easter Island, several thousands of petroglyphs can be found, most of them represent animals, like the legendary "bird man".

    Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape covers three areas of a plateau of rocky boulders rising out of the semi-desert of central Azerbaijan, with an outstanding collection of more than 6,000 rock engravings bearing testimony to 40,000 years of rock art.

    Petroglyph near Dinosaur National Park

    This is the oldest rock art in North America. The Winnemucca petroglyph is between 10,500 to 14,800 years old!

    rock glyph, qaqotorq, greenland

    Seminole Canyon State Park pictographs.

    Shaman's Gallery in the Grand Canyon, Arizona - photo by Tanya, via Zion National Park; "Some of the [multi-colored] images are life sized, many are painted in layers and all are excitingly elaborate. The paintings were discovered ... in 1986" by Gordon Smith.

    wandjina petroglyph

    Female shaman. This female shaman is found in Big Petroglyph Canyon, CA.

    Rock carvings, created by early Saami, the original inhabitants of Arctic Norway, are now protected by a World Heritage site in Alta, Norway...

    Ancient Pueblo-Anasazi rock art of a warrior with a bear claw shield - New Mexico

    Frogman Petroglyph, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona

    Researchers found that petroglyphs discovered in western Nevada are at least 10,500 years old, making them the oldest rock art ever dated in North America.

    Patagonia: El misterio de la Cueva de las manos

    These paintings of seals were discovered in the Nerja Caves near Malaga, Spain. They are at least 42,000 years old and are the only known artistic images created by Neanderthal man

    Petrogylphs at Three Rivers, New Mexico The Three Rivers Petroglyph Site is one of the few locations in the Southwest set aside solely because of its rock art. It is also one of the few sites giving visitors such direct access to petroglyphs. The number and concentration of petroglyphs here make it one of the largest and most interesting petroglyphs sites in the Southwest.

    Holy Ghost Panel, Great Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

    A petroglyph of the Monster Slayer, one of the Hero Twins. This petroglyph was created by the Dinetah, the ancestors of the Navajo people. Largo Canyon, New Mexico.

    Utah Petroglyphs

    Newspaper Rock, Utah; the petroglyphs are around 1000 years old

    Navajo petroglyph

    Petroglyphs. Newspaper rock, Utah

    Petroglyphs on Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument

    Newspaper Rock Petroglyphs at Canyonlands NP

    Hog Canyon Petroglyphs contain a remarkable selection of Native American rock art. An easy hike in Canyonlands National Park - Needles District.