................oh dang..

yay! i can finally pin this! i saw another version that didn't say dang..... anyway so funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Government wants to reign over Internet… I'm serious (in humorous manner) about it. Via Tumblr. XD #lol #meme #rage #taxes #politic

You're welcome.


Seriously. When did that happen?

Every time.

What just happened here?

How did this even happen?

Pokemon Pick-up Lines - They're Super Effective I can imagine one of my brother's friends doing this...because they are obsessed with pokemon

I'm dying.

So true. I don't mind a man that holds a door for me, but don't do it when I'm so far away I feel compelled to sprint to the door...

Epic! MIND BLOWN! This is so much like the book that it is ridiculous! RIDICULOUS, I SAY! But seriously...he's like a fine wine..he gets better with age!

It’s Nap Time


Truth. Dang it.

Every single time!

every. damn. time.

This is the most terrifying thing I have ever read...

I don't even care how this picture happened.

Oh my, that's hilarious! YUCK