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Energy . Every action has a reaction. Forces result from interactions . Good energy is Work. But it's the only thing, that Leads me, in a World of the Unknown. Energy, Materializes oneself always. Good or bad. Sooner or later. It comes back. Good energy is paying off . It is the key for happiness

How to Create a Relaxing Reading Corner

a reading nook in the garden | For your window nook you can also have built-in bookshelves. You’ll ...

Wake up America and Good Morning to the World and all my Facebook Friends List wherever you may be…….. Good Evening! Hong Kong, China/Asia and the Philippines. <3 "FYI-SPM@Gatekeeper and Watchman” (Steven P. Miller) @ Tuesday, October 21, 2014 (12:01:28 PM EST)

I love the contrast between the white beadboard ceiling, and the floor boards on the walls. The white mantel brings it all together. Cabin with a modern twist!