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The black-footed ferret is losing grassland habitat!

Ferret yawns = the cutest kind of yawns.

This is the Red Panda. It is the original panda. What is commonly referred to as the panda is actually the Giant Panda.

Ferret with Fiber Ferret, how cute!! i need to get my ferret ( Agnes) one!! Stacey Vaughan

I found out the messy way that ferrets like juice, even when it's in a very tall glass = one wet and sticky ferret.

i will eat your guinea pigs no not our guinea pigs

I ♥ Ferrets, especially my two little ones. I love the colouring on this fuzzbutt

Buddy is a blaze and little man is a Sable mask... I've also had two black Eyed whites and one panda!

A fantastically cute little ferret prancing through a field of wildflowers. #cute #ferret #animals

Ferrets--you either love them or hate them. I love them. Love that ferret-y smell!