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My 7 year old self thought Protozoa was the sexiest man on earth.

That sound you just heard? Yeah, that was my heart breaking into a million tiny pieces.

These are the movies I grew up watching. (: loved all of them.

"South America. It's like America... but South." - Up

True that. Disney channel sucks, besides good luck charlie and phineas and verb,.if u ask me

"Until I saw Brave. Then the unruly truth came out."<--hahaha I did not write this and it is the sole reason I repined it!

I love my daddy....he does this to me sometimes, personalizing it.

The old Disney channel Check out Dieting Digest... Why doesn't Disney channel look like this anymore??

This was one of the best shows Disney made after all the other good ones left.. This was my favorite episode of this show :)

If Disney villains had won... And somehow I find Gaston's the most disturbing.