• Charissa Oye

    Yup! I put all that 'impressing people' stuff behind me when I met E. I just want to live a life where I give of myself to everyone. It's so much more rewarding than any 'attention' I felt I once needed. Best part is that people see me for my true heart and honest/simple life I thoroughly enjoy living since meeting him. I don't & haven't felt the need to lie or make up a fake persona to get people to believe I'm decent or to like me. I'm just me!

  • Stemology

    Us too! When you do things from an ethical place, your honesty becomes impressive! | "I'd rather be honest than impressive." | quotes about ethics | inspirational quotes

  • Cat_Ears_ Dog_Nose

    Honesty is something that is so rare but so beautiful. I'm happy to be honest with myself and with others rather than look impressive and be a liar. I won't change who I am and those who truly care for me, will never ask me to. They don't misinterpret my love for life and my blessings as me saying I'm better than them or that I'm competing. They don't focus on my faults, they just love me for me and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that they let me be honest to who I truly am♡

  • Lisa Plummer

    Impressive is easier but honesty, no matter how scary, is the right thing to do. And doing the right thing isn't always celebrated. Sometimes telling the truth makes you a jerk in someone's eyes and makes you more suspect than when you lied, but it's still the right thing to do. Telling the truth doesn't always feel good. Sometimes it hurts others and yourself, but I have to be honest anyway. The least harmful truth is one that is told immediately. One of the biggest lessons I am learning.

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OMG! This is so beautiful. It has made me pause for a moment. Thanks for pinning it Amy. Your old friend, Tina.


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I am Cut the Bull " " Capricorn! Lets do it or not? If not, have a nice day and keep it moving!!

I love being a capricorn, but shouldn't this say if I have high standards, I refuse to settle?

This would be me. It takes a lot to make me blow, but when I do it is like Mount Vesuvius has been stuffed into a short little red-head

Yep this is definitely me to a T. I don't believe in this stuff, but it's accurate.

A Capricorn May Respect Your Authority But They Will Tell You When You Are Wrong. #Capricorn #quote

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Qualities of a Capricorn! This is who I am, but PLEASE don't take the kindness for weakness!! You will BE fool!! Besides that welcome to our page and enjoy!!

Capricorn! Very True Indeed!! ~ I have chosen no friends at all. Can't trust them, can't stand their fake-ness, & definitely won't tolerate their deceitful ways!

Hehe never fails

As a Capricorn, they are often blessed with ample common sense. This is why they are usually told that they are wise for their age. In their natural state, they are rather reserved and somewhat inhibited.

Capricorn - hardly cry but yes I hold things in way too long and usually cry from anger.

so true. there was a time someone wanted to prank me at a slumber party. I woke up while they were about to do it. lets just say they didn't try it again

yep, yep, especially if I've had time to sit on that hurt. I have learned to keep a lot inside. Thankful for the shoulder I have to lean on.

I don't believe in Horoscopes - but I thought this was amusing. Pretty true

Betsey Johnson

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