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The Organized Traveler: Packing Tips

It's nearing the end of Travel and Escapes month here at Apartment Therapy, and I got to thinking about my routines and rituals that I go through when I take a trip. I find that when I clean my home before I pack, it prevents me from missing important items, and helps me stay organized. Here are my ...

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Packing Tips for Business Trips: Make a spreadsheet - Pick a color palette - Be selective wtih shoes - Bring a travel stearmer - Choose accessories

packing tips No more than 3 pair of shoes - unless your going to the Oscars or snow skiing

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Who doesn't love a good infographic? This is a great strategy for packing wisely. | #traveltip #travel #tip

This infographic from travel insurance experts Direct Travel charts useful information about how to pack a suitcase to get most in. Did you realize that on average women pack 50% more than they need? Let's seriously cut down on what we're throwing in our bags, ladies.

Travel tips for anywhere! These are great, especially for ladies who may be prone to over packing!

This packing guide works! Less stress, more options. media-cache-ec2.p...

I have been traveling an inordinate amount in the past few months. Because I travel so much, and to so many diverse locations in many different kinds of planes and other vehicles, I have devised my own style of packing that works well and is effective.

I always have a few of these items on hand at all times! Better safe than sorry! Aleve, hand sanitizer, band aids, and tweezer/nail file are always a must!