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hilarious wisdom tooth recovery

Avoiding Speeding Tickets. I'm gonna try this!!

Theresa and I's post wisdom teeth extraction video lol

Wisdom Teeth: What's it like after getting your wisdom teeth out?

Wisdom Teeth, Old People and Candy Bars.mpg

The adventure of getting my wisdom teeth out!

Got my wisdom teeth out, and was a little out of it.

What's in my mouth? Gauze. Why? You had your wisdom teeth out. Oh, okay. What's in my mouth?

Wisdom Teeth This will be me!!!

when i got my wisdom teeth taken out hahaha

rapping with no wisdom teeth - lol

Me and my brother after we got home from our wisdom teeth surgery

My son was very funny after his wisdom teeth were pulled, but not quite THIS funny!!

funniest wisdom teeth video yet

That's hilarious!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Their little front teeth are always so damn funny!

Smiles are contagious…

I laughed so hard when I read this - it's so true - except I'm a girl :)

Doggie Brain Freeze. Heehee

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

this so made me laugh