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    multiple ear piercing situations

    • Teagardins in Hollywood

      ear piercings - locations of ear by name #piercing #tonguering #beauty #bodymodification #anatometal #bodyjewelry #plugs #tunnels #eartunnels #bodycandy Santa Monica 310-855-9168.

    • Rebecca Swarts

      multiple ear piercing situations... id like the daith i think bt i would really like an industrial but i got lil ears

    • Maddy

      multiple ear piercing situations- seriously considering getting the rook and anti tragus.

    • Crystal Pick

      multiple ear piercing situations I want my helix & tragus pierced.

    • Robin Fenton

      multiple ear piercing situations.. Anti tragus, inner conch, snug?

    • Nicole Roberts

      multiple ear piercing situations ..I want the industrial & helix!

    • Tiffany Kostan

      multiple ear piercing placement body-modification

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    getting second and third holes as well in both ears and also these piercings: left ear: Rook, industrial, daith, tragus, snug and helix right ear: daith, tragus, snug, helix

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    multiple ear piercings ♥ the double industrial

    Ear Piercing Index!

    I want to get my Rook and "outer conch" pierced very soon




    Finally, piercings that excite me again. I got bored with body piercings, simplicity is what makes me happy now.

    The simple design of these wee posts makes an expressive statement on your ear. Spread several along multiple piercings for a fun look on one lobe, or point them towards your boo in a cheeky,

    be happy tattoo | tattly This style but with kids' names and coming from a ball of yarn would be perfect!

    Information about your ear lobe, cartilage, and tragus piercings♔ by whatever-happened-to-barney on Polyvore featuring polyvore, fashion, style, feather earrings and earrings


    Industrial, daith, conch, lobe

    Ear piercings ♥

    triple helix piercing | Triple Helix Piercing That, my friend, is called a conch piercing. In other words... OUCH.

    multiple ear #piercings #tragus #cartilage #beauty ...