Japanese Snow Monkey. Poor baby get him a warm blanket. I'll hold u cute baby monkey and keep you warm..



Japanese snow monkeys enjoying outdoor hot spring in Nagano, Japan: photo by Takero Kawabata

This is me. Or, more accurately, how I feel and what I want to do every time I hug someone. Monkey hug, animal friendship, cat friendship, cat hug, animal hug


Macaque enjoying his hot bath


Relaxin' ..Such a frazzled face, though. Looks a bit stressed haha || Japanese macaque (snow monkey) Relaxed in the hot spring by Masashi Mochida


Baby Marmoset Monkeys ❤

Happiness is...an infant macaque

resourceful little critter

HAPPY BABOON Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix, Arizona, USA by Don Johnson Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA “I took many photographs of this baboon as he was being groomed by his mate. He obviously enjoyed it. His expression was irresistible; I had to get a photograph that captured the joy on his face.”

howler monkey-central america

Dusky Leaf Monkeys or Dusky Langurs are native to Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. The baby will lose that brilliant coloring by the time she's three months and will begin to turn grey to match the rest of her family.

Canadian Lynx, Yukon Territory

Snow Leopard

Just monkeying around

Albino Monkey ~ at a Monkey Park in Xishuangbanna, China. His facial expression is so human-like.

Larger than life.