• Sarah Andereck

    Praise the Lord

  • Kelly

    Back to the real me.... Life is better

  • Sherry Walker

    I have to say it. It is the only thing I can say. I was in love and happy and content this time last year. I thought I was, anyway. I was nesting. Now I am finding my way in a different world, making it mine somehow. Finding where I actually belong, who I am, seeing that who I was with was an angry, empty shell of a man. I never thought that this is where I would be a year ago today. But through all the pain, tears and heartache, I am better off. Not only am I DIFFERENT, I am BETTER. TRUE STORY

  • Vanessa Bahena

    A year ago today I remember laying on my floor unable to see through the tears. Questioning the worth of my life and wishing to be far. He held my happiness, he held my heart and he said things I wouldn't want my enemies to ever hear. 1 year later things are not the same. Not better not worst just not the same and I'm glad. Never going back and never giving so much of myself up.

  • Emyly Alaniz

    Yes I am #Strength #Quotes

  • Kerrie

    So true. A lot happens in just 1 year.

  • Ang'asa Malowa

    so true :) here's to growing up :)

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