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Tea Cup Pig

Teacup Pig Dancing!! FUNNY VIDEO!!

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This is a delightful start to the day! Soooo adorable.

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Baby Teacup Pig


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Henri 2, Paw de Deux - le ennui de Henri - best two minutes I spent all week

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Teacup pig takes a bath :) I want one of these, then again I want a teacup anything haha!

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Bet they like P.I.G. Tips! The pocket piglets who can fit inside a teacup

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teacup. pigs. I WANT ONE!

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Ultimate Dog Tease - YouTube. This is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. I can watch it over & over & I will still laugh at it. What a clever person & dog!!!

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Teacup Pig #teacuppig

Teacup Piggy

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Micro Mini Teacup Pig

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TeacIup pig!

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Would love to own a teacup pig one day (:


Teacup Pig Pets: Pint-Sized Royal Dandies Capture Hearts of Animal Lovers

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Little cutie - miniature pot-belly pig

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Funny Cats...


This Photo Will Change Your Life: Micro-Piglet Hugs a Strawberry


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Soooo funny!

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Baby Tea Cup Pig

Teacup pigs♡ playing the piano... two things I like (Piano, but mostly piggies)

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Lamb Lost

Cutest Lamb

little lamb responding to owner calling. awwww

Miniature Teacup

Mini Teacup

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Teacup Pig | Miniature Teacup Pig Adoption

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Penguin Obsession

Baby penguin getting tickled!!

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The teeny-tiny porker, named Tallulah, lives at Pennywell Farm in southwestern England. She's a miniature pig (also known as micro or teacup pigs).