Homemade baby toy gym - wooden dowels & PVC joints

DIY baby toy velcro attachments Loving this!! Can make a bunch so we can change out the ones we have with new ones!!

#DIY Washi tape car track + city. #playeveryday

Toys you can make for your babies. #DIY #Baby #Toys

DIY Wooden Baby Gym: I've been thinking this would be a good alternative to those expensive (and obnoxious) playmats

Fleece Baby Toys free instructions - illustrated. Size is up to you and is cut from 8" x 8" pieces of felt (2 pieces per toy - plus contrast pieces for applique.

Sili Squeeze Food Pouches for homemade baby food

Foldable homemade baby gym

love this! DIY baby gym. This would make a cute baby shower gift =) The boys lovvvvved their baby gym when they were tiny =) =)

Homemade Baby Gate! Wow, love this idea and will use...up until they figure out how to take the board out themselves!

Homemade Natural Baby Cloth Wipes - i use lavender essential oil and tea tree oil

Homemade Natural Baby Care Products

DIY Teething Bisquits, Homemade Baby Food Pouches, DIY Frozen Yogurt Puffs, & Homemade Baby Puffs

homemade baby food - she explains all of her secrets too

The Iowa Farmer's Wife: DIY Baby Wipes

No-Sew Bow Headband 40 Homemade No-Sew DIY Baby and Toddler Gifts - DIY for Life

How to create a frozen pacifier for teething baby: 1. Squeeze all the air out of the nipple. 2. Submerse it in water and release nipple to fill it with water. 3. Freeze it and give it to baby. Home remedies for teething - Homemade DIY teether

a Complete Range Of Homemade Baby Food Recipes, From First Foods To Full Meals.

Homemade All Natural Baby Wash & Shampoo - Naturally Mindful

ad a chance to try this gym out yet, since our baby is still on-the-way, but my attempts to shake/pull on the gym have left me satisfied tha...

Mothercare Loved So Much Playmat and Gym - baby playmats & gyms - Mothercare