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Framed Maps Tutorial - with link to printable maps

DIY idea: Cut hearts from maps from different locations you met, married, lived, etc

A site that helps you combine your words and a picture. So neat! I want to do with favorite scriptures, favorite quotes, or favorite songs...

Do this with the State you were born in and a heart over the city/county.

Collect photos from visits to different states, cut in shape of state, and adhere to map. A world map would be fun as well!

lampshade photo collage

frame important cities - sweet idea

Dollar store frames and craft paper!

"Home" State Sign

Five DIY Map Based Romantic Crafts: DIY Framed Maps “You, Where we met, Me” (melodyannesp) here. via melodyannesp   DIY Love Map (Minimoz) here. DIY Map Wall Art (kayla danelle) here. via throughherprettyeyes  DIY Heart String Art “Him, Us, Her” (Southern Belle Soul) here.  DIY “I Will Find You” Map and Lace Pendant Necklace (Maxium Rabbit Designs) here.

I have so many of these! Definitely doing this.

Travel scrapbook

Kids picnic table

Buy a vintage map (or just print a map from Google!) then frame the place where you first met…or the town you got married in…or the resort where you spent your honeymoon…or the last place you had a row…

A fun gift for the "traveler". It is very simple and inexpensive to make. @caroline k. k. Brewer ~ your hubby just told me he wants a map to pin everywhere he's traveling. How great would this be?! Wanna do it together?!!!

ORANGE & PARK - East Coast States print

for photos. love this idea! I have mine on a twine 'clothes line" with baby clothes pins in my dorm right now :)