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  • Ellison Education

    Elements of Art: Shape and Form

  • 상진 심

    shape form

  • Keely

    Geometric Shapes Shapes that are precise and require a guiding tool to draw such as a ruler. Examples of Geometric shapes are squares, circles, triangles, hexagons. Organic Shapes- Organic Shapes are free form and have no straight lines

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texture // adjectives. so many speech students tell me that everything is smooth! this would be a great visual

Great printable of the basic elements of art in very simple illustrations. Even young children could understand it, yet the it could work even for high schoolers.

The ABCs of Art-Learn about shapes in design and art.

Awesome website for students, around the elements of art and principles of design.

elements of art by snow. I like to have students take notes using illustrations whenever possible

Elements of Art Notes and Worksheets. Students can go around gallery and find each type of line in different works of art. They can write the name of the work in the box and draw the line they found.

THE ABCs OF ART These are really neat printable teaching handouts, demonstrating the elements and principles of design in a way that is super easy for young students to grasp. They also show how to incorporate these concepts in students' own artwork. The artist has included both color and black & white versions of each of these teaching sheets. Just take a look… You'll want to print out all of these and keep in your art folder. Great stuff!