Dry Erase crayons show up well on foil...never knew that!

Pizza box drying rack. clever I would spray paint first.

kindergarten irises1. turn paper vertical 2. fold down the center/crease, then open 3. name on back 4. draw overlapping leaves 5. color w/ shades of greens and yellow. blend. crayon. 6. dab purple, white (and blue..but i was out) tempera on one side of the fold (be a crazy control freak and give a clear demo of where to dab) 7. fold over and rub to transfer to create symmetry. like an ink blob 8. open. 9. let dry 10. when dry, add a stem w/ green crayon 11. add more yellows and gre...

Mosaic Fish/Elementary Art(art teacher: v. giannetto)

By far one of the coolest ideas for old crayons pieces and glue stick containers. Melt down crayon pieces and pour into glue stick containers to harden. Big crayons that can be rolled up as they are used.

Use shower curtain liner, permanent markers.. and then kids write with dry/wet erase markers. What?? How cool is this!

35 Uses for Crayons: They’re not just for Coloring!

Make It... a Wonderful Life: Crayon-Shoe Polish "Batik" Tutorial

Mondrian Art Lesson ~ Highlights shapes and colors as well as a great master! Great to do during a 2D Geometry unit

27 Ideas For Kids Artwork You Might Actually Want To Hang. No kids here, but I want to hang my works!


Soak crayons in water for about 10 minutes and the wrappers will fall right off!

“Kaleidoscope Painting” Paint the lid of a cup with black paint and use it to stamp overlapping circles. Once it dries, paint inside each shape with a different color.

Crayon resist drawings - Eek! This is so cool. (From Tiny Rotten Peanuts)

Letter crayons: Melted crayons poured into silicone alphabet trays. Would make awesome party favors for each child!!!

Super cute! There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Crayon. Great blog too!

Origami tulips -- very easy, cute on cards

10 recipes for homemade art supplies: fingerpaint, watercolor paint, puff paint, playdough, flubber, bath crayons, lick stickers, bubble mix, sidewalk chalk & chalkboard paint. @Brenda Irwin

tooling foil radial design "mirrors"...great 3rd grade multicultural unit!

Melted crayon stained glass

Crayon Art