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  • R.I. Axelrod

    Fresh Flower Ice Cubes Google Image Result for

  • Coryelle Kramer

    edible flower ice cubes

  • Miri Nôlté

    Edible Flowers Violets, Squash blossoms, Tulips, marigold, Anise hyssop, Calendula, Cornflower, Red and Pink, Clover, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus, Pansies, Nasturtiums, Roses, Lavender, Lemon blossoms, Orange blossoms, Jasmine, Borage, red and blue Beebalm, Apple Blossoms, Plum blossom, Peach blossom Flowers of the Chive, Onion, Garlic, Leek Family

  • Kathleen Winger

    Dress up your drinks with these beautiful and romantic ice cubes featuring blossoms from the garden! Perfect for summer afternoon parties or cocktail events! Pink or red rose petals, use fresh herbs. Flowers and leaves that are suitable include: scented geraniums, nasturtiums, violets, rose petals...

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Just thought about how pretty these would look during cocktail hour. Signature drink? Flowers, flowers, everywhere.

I like to use the freshest ingredients as often as possible when I’m cooking. And I truly believe that nothing compares to the taste of fresh herbs from the farmers market. However, I find myself disappointed when I can’t use my rosemary, oregano, sage or thyme before they expire. I saw a pretty genius idea that solved this dilemma. Enter: Infused olive oil ice cubes.

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