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Can I please use this as my excuse for ALWAYS being late? lol

Lol! Nope. I tols josh about me posting those txts he laughed and said ya know this is never going to end right. I said all I want is for her to get help then he said no you could give a fuck less if she ods , I know I could bc I dnt know her, you did it to be spiteful bc you knew you were right. But I do believe u that you werent trying to ruin her life but if it happens bc shes a lying pill head then so be it

Mrs. I'm Glad I've Not Cheated On Anyone Like You Have. (;

They make pills for your personality

This is for you Jim S. He is fun to have around and I would totally want to be a ghost friend with him!

Me too, eventually you'll get better cuz I'm always so perfect! Lol