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Funny Thanks Ecard: Work? No, thank you. Do you have a paid position for being fabulous?

Can I please use this as my excuse for ALWAYS being late? lol

Lol! Nope. I tols josh about me posting those txts he laughed and said ya know this is never going to end right. I said all I want is for her to get help then he said no you could give a fuck less if she ods , I know I could bc I dnt know her, you did it to be spiteful bc you knew you were right. But I do believe u that you werent trying to ruin her life but if it happens bc shes a lying pill head then so be it

Mrs. I'm Glad I've Not Cheated On Anyone Like You Have. (;

No no you got it wrong. You name OTHER people's hard drive "dat ass". I'll never forget the look on my husband's face when his computer asked him if he'd like to back "dat ass" up. HAHAHAHHAHA! Priceless.

They make pills for your personality

This is for you Jim S. He is fun to have around and I would totally want to be a ghost friend with him!