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  • Anne Moffa

    Are You My Mother? -- written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman. A little bird hatches while mommy is away and goes off in search of his mother. I had this as a bilingual book when I was little, and still remember the title as "Eres Tu Mi Mama?"

  • Kenysha

    This was probably my favorite, next to Green Eggs and Ham of course!

  • Cindi Rose

    'Are You My Mother?' a fun story to share with kids on Mother's Day

  • Kristyn Phillips

    one of my favorite books as a kid

  • Sarah O'Brien

    so cute. one of my favorite kid books

  • Dianna Martinez Bartholomew

    my mom could read this with her eyes closed - By far, Favorite childhood book!

  • Laura Purdie Salas

    A few picks for fall favorites. (No, Are You My Mother is not a fall book--not sure why the fall book pictures won't show up here!) 365 Great Children's Books: Fall favorites

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