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    Glide Toaster | Creative Product Designs samples made by LogoPeople India. #product #Design

  • Joyce Beasley

    George Watson, a clever design guru with an engineering heart, has crafted the best thing since sliced toasted bread, the Glide. This primarily white ceramic toast cooker boasts a simplified design, a single-feed toaster, and a V-shaped rack to hold the toast for use on the kitchen table. Twin hot plates heat the bread as the motorized unit pulls it through, and a handy button on the front increases or decreases the speed in which it passes.

  • Margie Orten

    Glide toaster gives breakfast bread a new flair - designed by George Watson

  • Heath Killinger

    Glide toaster gives breakfast bread a new flair -- Engadget. AWESOME

  • Christina R.

    Glide Toaster by George Watson #Kitchen #Gadget #Toaster

  • Stephanie Lynn

    Idea for ceramics espresso cups & saucer holder ------ The Glide | The toaster hasn't received much design attention | Enter George Watson - gadget guru and engineer who crafted the Glide.

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