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    How sweet!



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    child and kitten peaking through fence, children's photography, This is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life

    Walking in the rain with your kitty

    I got it!… I got it!… ☀

    This is what I used to do to the animals in our house. :-)

    Cat Charmer


    just swinging with my kitty

    a boy

    Reese Witherspoon. Red, black and denim. would also be cute with leopard instead of red :)

    Petting sheep

    this picture is like a warm hug.....the too short bangs...that sweet face... ahh...the memories...teething kitties not for long

    I do this to my cat! ;)

    sweet eyes

    And this lovable nuzzler. | 27 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Also Man's Best Friend #funny #interesting #cat # baby #cute #animal #pet

    Ha ha. See I told you - ha ha - I'm not ticklish. Ha ha ha ha

    This is what I look like in the presence of dolphins [and penguins]. (And most likely other adorable things especially of the baby animal type.) #evil #Bad #NSFW

    it's a kitty wearing cat glasses or kitty glasses wearing a cat I can't tell which

    This is so sweet. Kitten love starts pretty early in little girls. I had lots of cats and kittens on the farm growing up. Dad never minded..... I miss my Dad :-(