Floor to ceiling bookshelves with a SECRET PASSAGE?!?!? YES PLEASE

OMG...hello, my darling library. The entire site, greigedesign, is amazing, I could pin it all!

bookcase that covers the wall from floor to ceiling with various shapes and sizes intermingled for unique architectural interest | Designed by Dutch firm EventArchitectuur

to do?




So an Erudites dream

I have always wanted to have a home with secret doors and passageways.



Dream wall.

Lovely library. Combo of Bilbo's hobbit hole and Mr. Tumnus's main room?

Library secret passage

Secret passage bookshelf that leads to a secret library. One of the requirements of life.

Stylish home: Libraries

industrial, library, bookcase,

super-secret passage bookshelf

Gorgeous bookshelves and libraries ... totally need all of these ...

"Because sometimes you should have to climb a ladder in order to get to your secret hiding place in your bookshelf."

bookshelf for my future high ceiling.