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How to 'fake' calligraphy when you don't have the right pen for it {literally what I always do cause I'm calligraphy penless}

printed the envelopes with the names and addresses of her guests in a light opacity and then went over them with a paint pen. Genius I tell you!

from jones design company

how to create fake calligraphy

Creating Calligraphy. More


How To Fake Calligraphy

how to 'fake' calligraphy and tips on writing pretty (;

from Into The Gloss

Remember Good Handwriting?

Amazing Calligraphy:

from One Good Thing by Jillee

Goodbye to Yellow Armpit Stains!

every single person I know who either owns or does laundry for someone who wears white undershirts needs to be aware of this. it's going to save us all a bazillion dollars.

Organize all of the cards you don't want to get rid of into cute books! I have so many cards I save...this is a good idea!

A blog of things you can mail (that are 13 oz or less) this is so awesome. I've mailed fake bananas, giant bouncy balls and oddly shaped water bottles...but this site has tons more ideas.

So Easy!!! Take any printable you want and make a jar label!