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Underwater photography | Manatee Photo by Tobias Frei | National Geographic Your Shot

Pink Snow Pelican zoomed... Pink Pelican looking bemused deep in the february snow . St james park, nearest tube is st james park or westminster. By Adult category

Pink flamingos are born white. It takes about 3 years to turn pink which is due to their carotenoid rich food.

That's all we need ... a flying shark! Great White Shark breach At False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

One of My favorite wild animal...giraffes...and my favorite thing to do...HUG

x#wild animals|

This is is pretty. I used to hate these things when I'd go to the beach & these "jelly fish" were everywhere. Man, do those things sting!!!

close up of the arms and suction cups of an octopus | marine animal + underwater photography

Sharks in the Maldives ~Sharks always get plenty of room to swim in


Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends…

This baby hippo got swept away by a tsunami and a 130 year old tortoise become his new best friend - |